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The first experimental test of string theory

Scientists from Imperial College London have developed a theoretical basis for the first experiment, which could confirm the validity of string theory . It is assumed that string theory is the only way to formulate a so-called unified theory that describes all known fundamental interactions in nature. Despite the mathematical rigor and integrity of the theory, the variants of experimental confirmation of string theory have not yet been found.

The experiment of British scientists involves measuring the degree of entanglement of four qubits . The fact is that recent scientific work has found some correlation between the entanglement of qubits in quantum theory and black holes in string theory. More specifically, there is a direct correspondence between the classification of three-qubit interactions and the classification of external black holes in the theory of supergravity .

Of course, the proposed experiment will not be a revolution in science and will not be able to 100% prove loyalty to string theory, but if successfully completed, it will at least show that this theory does not contradict existing scientific doctrines.

At the very least, we will be more confident that fundamental physical constants have certain values ​​not for some physical reasons, but because these values ​​are necessary for the existence of life on Earth, including reasonable observers who measure these values. This is how the famous theoretical physicist Leonard Susskind defined the idea of ​​the landscape of string theory .
Learn more about the Imperial College London experiment here (PDF).

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