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In the US, they opened the "white frequencies" for providers

For a couple of years, large and small US companies have been trying to get an unused range of television frequencies for their own needs. What needs? Creation of new mobile devices with a new kind of wireless connection, “Wi-Fi on steroids”. This kind of wireless communication, according to many experts, is able to solve problems with the lack of communication outside of large settlements. Companies did have their way (no wonder, since such giants as Google, Microsoft and others are in their ranks), and in 2009 permission to use the “white frequencies” was obtained. Since then, there have been ongoing negotiations about exactly how this part of the radio spectrum will be used. On Thursday, September 23, the US Federal Communications Commission held a final meeting to address the backlog of issues.

As it has been written in different sources more than once, “white frequencies” are much better suited for data transmission over long distances than conventional wireless networks. Earlier, television companies claimed that the use of these frequencies will adversely affect the operation of television equipment, as a result of which the quality of the television network will deteriorate. Repeated inspections conducted by experts of the US Federal Communications Commission showed that these fears are baseless, or almost baseless.

Today, representatives of the FCC discussed the main details of the introduction of these frequencies, plus they also tried to find ways to protect television stations from the unwanted influence of new devices. In order to avoid technical problems with the frequency spectrum, a special database will be created from which devices connected to the Network will receive data on currently free frequencies.
It is expected that successful monetization, so to speak, of these free frequencies will begin in a year, when companies will release the first versions of gadgets “sharpened” for a new type of wireless communication. Of course, all this is relevant only for the United States - if we have all this, it will be very soon.

In general, "Wi-Fi on steroids" has already begun work, and it seems that in a year in the United States there will really be a large number of such devices.

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