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The Japanese have created a robot actor


It seems that the Japanese will soon be taking robots-animals out for a walk (taking them out just by habit), sending groceries to the grocery store to buy groceries, plus going to theatrical performances, in which the main roles are played by robots-actors. The words “Poor Yorick”, full of tragedy, will no longer come from the mouth of a human actor, but from the speakers of a robot actor recently created by developers at Osaka University. By the way, it would not be superfluous to remind that the Japanese already have a lot of robot musicians, including a robot saxophonist, a violinist robot, and others. So robots will be sitting in the orchestra pit too. Well, at least the audience is still people.

As a child, I once read some kind of NF work, which told about how in Japan, robots forced people to live underground, fulfilling all the whims of robots. At first, there were more and more robots; they replaced people at difficult jobs, in shops and other places. Then a cyber-brain created by people appeared, which simulated a nuclear attack on Japan, forced everyone to go underground, ostensibly to escape radioactive contamination, and for many years deceived people by passing fake data about the same radioactive contamination of the surface .
In general, quite an interesting, albeit somewhat naive work, in which part of the plot exactly resembles the current situation in Japan. As I already wrote that the Japanese create robots-laborers of 300 thousand US dollars each, which should replace workers-people, because in the Land of the Rising Sun no one wants to be a loader.

Well, many still want to be actors, and yet the robots are already replacing people on the stage. Let us return to the robot-actor ... In general, the machine can track the play of actors on the stage, playing along with them, plus playing its own role, although not yet the main one.

Do you know what performance the theater-goers and creators of the robot are preparing now? It is called “I, the Worker,” and after a while this performance will be shown on stage. The plot is simple - one Japanese family has two robots-laborers, and suddenly one of them loses interest in work. You must admit that this is a very “urgent” problem for us, which will be played up by robots and humans.

I note that the robot does not just drive around the scene, turning over the manipulators, he still knows how to swear, drink beer and smoke cigars to show a wide range of emotions, from joy to sadness.

The robot has its own name - Wakamaru, it was developed jointly by scientists from Osaka University and Mitsubishi company. The first ones were sculpted by software, the second - by hardware, that is, the robot itself.

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