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The capital of Russian electric vehicles

What city in Russia today can be called a city of electric vehicles? And what city is suitable for the development and implementation of electric vehicles?
If the answer to the first question today is obvious, then the second answer will be as follows - the vacancy is open. But for how long? !!!

And really, what city can be considered optimal for the start of a city with a new paradigm of ecological, safe transport?
It is clear that this should be a modern enough city, not small, but not large, so that the road infrastructure is developed, there are enough public places in the city, there is a space where you can organize a new electromobile paradigm not to the detriment of historical heritage .
It should be a city, next to which there is a river, which means there is affordable electricity. There should be a railway and there should be an airport with international lines at least to the main air hubs of the world and developed services and services for tourists. The city should have a developed educational base for technologists, methodologists, business administrators, experts. The presence in the city of factories and specialists in the field of chemical, cable, engineering products, as well as engineering is particularly significant!
Well, how do you know your city? :)

On January 1, 2006 in Russia there were:
13 cities with a population of more than 1 million inhabitants, 167 cities with a population of more than 100 thousand inhabitants (according to Gosstat materials) and about 900 cities with a population of less than 100 thousand. And if we proceed from the needs of the electric city, then among 167 cities of Russia there are a dozen suitable cities.
If, even in the wildest imagination, to accept this paradigm and agree that your city can become the electric capital of Russia and boldly embark on an experiment on switching from theoretical knowledge to practical implementation in the city, then it is quite understandable that you need to supplement the existing infrastructure: to combine parking , public places with charging stations, create a smart parking system and a smart security system, etc. However, all these initiatives will not require the demolition or restructuring of old systems - all this can be introduced consistently and in stages ... All that remains important is to accept this paradigm;)
The paradigm itself is much broader understanding of the development, introduction and use of electric vehicles and is expanding to all possible means of transportation. The paradigm includes a lot of new categories such as the ability to exchange information between movable, immovable and immovable objects, which allows you to build an effective and safe space for people, cars and buildings.
Example: a city automated parking control system that is able to track every second where and what is occupied and where and how much is free, and accordingly pass this information to the driver and the electric car ...

While I am crucified in my desire to bring some kind of science fiction to us and to me, others have accepted the electric car as the current reality and are already engaged in the development of Products and are aggressively promoting the markets.

Renault has released a line of cars ZE (Zero Emsssion): a spacious family sedan Fluence, economical Kangoo wagon, elegant Zoe, two-seater babe Twizy, powerful sports car DeZir

The first who will be asked to purchase and try these electric cars, will be residents of Israel. Israel today adopted the electric car paradigm for the whole country!

Peugeout Development - Car BB1

Nissan development

Nissan Leaf stock car advertising

C30 electro development from Volvo

EV-N electric vehicle and other electric vehicle designs from HONDA

personal vehicle complete with car

Electroauto Volt from Chevrolet

BlueZero development from MercedesBenz

The paradigm of the electric city does not end with electric vehicles, on the contrary, it is just beginning. The city changing before our eyes expands its internal spaces and allows using electric bicycles:

electric bicycles on one wheel

and of course personal segway transport systems

or here are such e-scooters:

Manufacturers also create universal platforms for building their own cars.

But the most interesting and surprising thing about all this is that all this can be collected on the site today :)
On the Internet there are lots of instructions for assembling various e-mobility. All components are sold in i-stores. Sold immediately complete kits for assembly.
Here so for example the set for assembly of an electro-bicycle looks. To buy this motor-wheel and related products, just click on the picture and you will be taken to the manufacturer’s shop:

I repeat that you can find all possible instructions on the network, including instructions for assembling your balancing devices according to the well-known segway type - for example. here

How is electric vehicle development in Russia?
perhaps not as fast as the world, but not as slowly as it may seem to a pessimist. Moscow invests in the development of electric vehicles and today, electric vehicles carry Muscovites and guests of the capital in the parks of Tsaritsino, Serebryanny Bor and Sparrow Hills. Mikhail Prokhorov has plans for the construction of a Russian electric car worth 350-400 thousand rubles. Project "Yarovit"
If you search a little in runet, you can even find Russian manufacturers. Here is
electric bike V-300XL , and motor-wheel of its own design.

What countries and how much is allocated for the creation of an electric car?
Germany allocates 1 billion euros to the automotive industry. In the US, companies received support in the total amount of $ 2.4 billion for research and production of batteries, components, and cars.

What Russian city will become the first experimental electric city?
In any case, the question of which Russian city the first pilot use of electric transport will begin remains open. But I know for sure one thing, that it is this city that will receive greater fame, support from the government, attention from automakers. And it is in this city that the movement and life will begin, which will fill the inhabitants of the city with meaning and deeds ...

I also recommend watching the movie: “Who killed the electric car?”.

link to the movie on the torrent
or you can immediately look at youtube

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