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Google Voice Search on Galaxy S

Samsung and Google announced the appearance of the Google Voice Search feature in three Android smartphones — the Galaxy S (I9000), the Galaxy 580 (I5800) and the Galaxy 550 (I5500). Voice search perfectly supports Russian pronunciation, its dictionary contains a total of more than a million recognizable words that were recorded in various acoustic conditions (outdoors, in the car, in the bar).

By controlling your voice, you can find the necessary contacts, documents, images or any other information both in the phone itself and on the Internet.
To activate voice search, users of new Samsung smartphones on the Android platform just click on the microphone icon in the Quick Search Quick Search toolbar. The function will be available in all new devices of the company, and for those who have already bought the device, all you need is to install the latest available firmware update for the operating system and download applications from the Android Market.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104812/

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