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Startup Weekend: passwords, appearances and speeches

On October 2, on the second day of the second Startup Weekend, which will be held in Moscow from October 1 to 3 at the design factory FLACON , four presentations from market experts will take place in parallel with the work of the project groups.
Vasily Voropayev , CEO of Free-lance.ru, will tell you how freelancers have often become successful businessmen before his very eyes and what they needed for this.
Alena Vladimirskaya , the main recruiter of the Internet industry, will advise you how and where to find such a team in a startup so that in six months you don’t want to fire everyone
Alexey Basov , director of IT-investment department of the holding company "FINAM", will tell about "what the investor is hiding."
Alexander Belsky , one of the founders of the Astrostar.ru project, first invested by the FINAM holding and recently sold by the Direct Group, will share the secrets of nurturing his own project, a successful search for investments and a profitable exit from business.

By the way, Alexey Basov and Alexander Belsky are part of the Glavstarta expert club and are ready to be involved in the work of projects that seem interesting to them.
Experts who will be working on this "weekend":
Sergey Biryukov - TVX Media, deputy. CEO
Dmitry Altukhov - Friends Around, Miami, co-founder
Sergey Martynov - Notamedia, Technical Director
Mikhail Trufanov - Arton Consulting, General Director
Maxim Zatsepin - Pulsar Galaxy
Gleb Nikitin - Pulsar Galaxy
Arseny Veitskin - Media Consultant
Oleg Mikhalsky - InfoWatch, Director of International Business Development
Natalia Chanysheva - IQ One
Dmitry Stepanov - Publishing House Afisha, Executive Director
Askar Tuganbaev - CTC Media, Director of Internet Projects Development
Andrey Borisevich - SUP, Director of Business Development in Russia and the CIS
Timur Iosebashvili - JobList.ru, Project Manager
Alexey Basov - IH “Finam”, director of IT-investment department
Nikolay Macievskiy - WEBO Software, General Director
Vladimir Makushin - IDelync Group, Partner, Technical Director
Anatoly Gaverdovsky - YaM Labs, CEO
Mikhail Kozlov - Business Development Specialist
Alexander Belsky - Entrepreneur
Yaroslav Gorodetsky - CDNvideo, CEO
Evgeny Agronik - Microsoft Russia, Business Development Director

Meanwhile - registration on Startup Weekend continues .


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