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Google new for new to google

A slightly fuzzy title gives a faint hint at Google’s new service, Google New - or rather, not even a service, but rather a blog. On this blog, created quite recently, will now be published information about all the news relating to the existing services of the company. As the blog team explains, all this was started by the fact that the corporation has a large number of products, almost every day something new appears.

It is clear that to keep track of all this is very difficult. As a result, we usually learn interesting information about Google with a great delay, if we learn at all (yes, for example, interesting news about the company's services often passes by me, which is a pity). So, in order not to have to pull crumbs of information from various sources (which, as usual, work according to the method of a damaged phone), Google created a new blog.
The blog was introduced today, and it represents an interesting selection of news from various services of the corporation, as mentioned above. By the way, the blog will post information not only about existing services, but also about planned new products. The site combines publications from various company blogs, plus adds information about the company's policy, in which changes also sometimes occur.

Already, the amount of news is quite large - nine news blocks about each service are placed on the page, and there are already five such pages. In principle, not so much, you can quickly get the information you need.

Generally speaking, Google has several dozen different blogs, each of which is literally stuffed with information, and the information is quite specific. On the new blog, however, information is presented for a more mass audience, so that Google is likely to have even more attracted by useful new readers.

It seems to me that this is a really good idea - to take and make a single information system for ordinary visitors, developers and customers of the company. It seems that this blog has a really great future, and the flow of information coming from Google has become somewhat more orderly.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104788/

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