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CAPTCHA + advertising banner

Startup SolveMedia has invented a new format of advertising banners that are mandatory for viewing before entering the site. In these banners you need to enter some analogue CAPTCHA, that is, manually duplicate the advertising slogan from the banner. For example, in the case of Internet Explorer advertising, you need to enter the phrase Browse Safer , and in the case of Toyota, a million dollars an hour (the amount of money that Toyota spends on security).

The new advertising algorithm is called Type-In, the developers tested it for nine months with selected advertisers, including Microsoft and Toyota. According to studies, the use of Type-In increases the memorability of advertising from 3% to 40%, writes Wall Street Journal. That is, only 3% of visitors remember the usual banner on the page, and after entering the “captcha” - already 40%.

This is not surprising, because people tend to remember what they write.

The SolveMedia company has already agreed that the new advertising will appear on more than 300 sites, including on large portals like AOL.
SolveMedia assures that it does a good job and helps humanity. They explain it this way: now people fill in the Internet about 280 million "captcha" per day on various sites. On average, filling in each takes 14 seconds, because the text is difficult to read. In new advertising banners, the text is easy to read and easy to write, so on average it takes 7 seconds to enter text. Thus, SolveMedia executives say that if you replace all the “caps” on the Internet with their advertising, then people on the planet will save 62 years of time every day.

In addition, it will become an additional source of profit for sites: for each “captcha” of the new format, they will receive from 25 to 50 cents.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104785/

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