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Not all Creative Commons licenses are free!

Dear inhabitants of Habrakhabr!
Please remember that not all Creative Commons licenses are free licenses .

Only 2 out of 6 licenses are free:
1) Attribution License , abbreviated as CC BY
and 2) Attribution-Share Alike license , abbreviated as CC BY-SA (this is a Wikipedia license if it became clearer to whom)

All other licenses are NOT free! Always remember this!
Why am I writing this? Yes, because you have already been at least twice deceived. Pioneer One is actually a non-free movie (as commercial use is prohibited), and the filmstrip is by no means an open source movie (as any changes are prohibited).

Please be vigilant!

How to find out which license is free * ? You just have to go to the Definition of Free Cultural Works website in the Licenses section .

* free not in the world of software, but in the world of text, sound and video

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104783/

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