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Achtung: DDoS

Tonight on Habr began DDos-attack. So the site from time to time can "go in itself." We'll see how we live the night, if we continue tomorrow, we will connect heavy artillery. DDoS'yah botnet from different addresses, from China to Mexico blunt UDP flood, which sometimes clogs the channel entirely (and in the wire so far only 100 megabits). We, of course, guess who the attacker is, but for now we will not cover this information. One can only express regret that some not entirely adequate personalities are the only way to surreptitiously resolve disputes.

UPD. If anyone is interested, a piece of graphics with an attack from the port of the switch provider:

You can clearly see the beginning of the attack and its decline. Sorry for not very good picture quality.

UPD. Day 23 sept. 2010: today the attack on the site was about 3Gbps, the old addresses went to the blackhole bioreactor , we went under protection, but the DNS sausage was still very strong, because the zones had not yet diverged, and a couple of minor problems were revealed.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104777/

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