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Liquid clothing fits any size.

Dresses based on “liquid clothes” were shown on September 21 at the show at Imperial College London .

More than 300 representatives of industry, academia, fashion houses and the media came to college to see Dr. Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic, demonstrate the technology he has developed over the past 10 years of work.
Dr. Torres, in collaboration with Professor Paul Luckham from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, created a solution called Fabrican (Fabrican Spray-on fabric). This technology allows, by spraying a liquid material directly on the human body, to create clothes that will fit perfectly on the figure.

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In the video you can watch the process of creating a T-shirt

The main component of the fabrician spray liquid solution is cotton fibers. In addition, there are polymers and solvents that provide the liquid structure of the material and its quick drying. As for the latter, after applying the "new clothes" dries at the same speed as our skin.
After the material dries, clothes can be removed and even ironed. And if you get bored, then you can always dissolve it to the state of the initial mass of cotton fibers and try to create something else.
According to the authors of the technology, this way you can create any elements of casual wear. From underwear to caps.

On the video you can see the show last night, Dr. Torres demonstrates the clothes created with the help of Fabrican Spray and the stages of its production.

“When I first started working on this project, I really wanted to make futuristic, seamless, fast and convenient material,” says Dr. Torres. “In search of such material, I ended up returning to the principles of the early textile industry, such as felt, which is also produced by the adoption of fibers. I decided to find a way to tie the fibers to each other without weaving and dumping them. As an artist, I wanted to create material from which you can easily make unique things, and as a scientist, I have to focus on the fact that they can be easily processed. I want to show how science and technology can help designers come up with new materials and open up new horizons. ”

Torres and Lackham already established Fabrican Ltd to explore the various uses of their design. According to them, priority potential areas of application are: medicine, hygiene products, air fresheners, upholstery for furniture and cars.

Inventors emphasize that with their development they would like not only to bring innovative technologies to various industries, but also to create a new tool for creative expression.

“London’s Imperial College works with cultural organizations, and also tries to take part in creative partnerships to show how science, technology and medicine can capture people's imaginations, and develop new ways to make life better,” says Sir Kay O'Nion ( Sir Keith O'Nions), Rector of Imperial College London.

I would like to test such clothes. Any shorts-T-shirt-ear earball yourself to make a whole)

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