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RU-CENTER started domain registration in .PRO zone

From September 22, 2010 RU-CENTER accepts orders for registration of domains in the .PRO zone .

PRO domain name is specifically designed for use by professionals in various fields of activity (for example, lawyers, engineers, doctors, etc.).

When registering a domain, you will need to confirm your professional affiliation by providing relevant information . After registering a domain, RU-CENTER will send a letter to the domain administrator containing a link to a special form, filling out which, the administrator activates his domain, subject to successful verification of data by the PRO top-level domain administrator, by RegistryPro.
Rules for registration and use of .PRO domains ” and “ Questions and answers on the PRO domain ” are posted on the organization’s website.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104753/

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