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New in MS Office 2010 Products


• Management has become much clearer and easier. The developer has improved the system of the so-called ribbon menu. And now instead of the big round Office button, there is an unremarkable (except for color) File button, in which you can now perform all file operations (send to print, save in different formats, etc.).

Now the navigation pane is automatically displayed if your document is divided into chapters and areas. It is very convenient to navigate this way through the document.

• In the new version, you can set and remove the background from the image.

Agree, not bad. And also there was a function of taking screenshots from the screen, as it was implemented in MS Office 2007 OneNote. When you click on a button, thumbnails of other open windows appear, a snapshot of which can be taken, as well as a button for a selective screen cut.

• Built-in universal translator will help if there is an Internet connection to translate a few words or part of the text into several languages.


The number of supplied images, in comparison with the 2007 version, has increased from 433 to 1652. The number of fonts included in the set has also increased. There is an opportunity to work with one document by multiple users. Additional tools to convert text to charts. The ability to insert handwriting in the content of the document. New ready-made effects for text and images (Smart Art objects in MS Office 2007).


• Ribbon menus can be designed by the user (adding a new tab to the ribbon, its contents, etc.).

• A new function Infokrivye help rows of numbers to quickly convert into a beautiful, minimalist diagram right in the cell!


Pivot tables have become more visible: combining, analyzing and displaying a data set. The maximum number of points is now not 16 billion for a sheet and 4000 for a chart, but an unlimited number of them both in the sheet and in the diagram. Messages for the user and the Russification are now a little better. Now Excel files do not have a size limit (in the 2007 version, the limit was 2GB).


• In PowerPoint 2010 added a lot of spectacular features for decorating the video inserted into the presentation. Also now you can mount movies.
• Animations and transitions between slides have become much more beautiful - from artistic to professional.

New effects, unfortunately, when opened in previous versions are not reproduced.


• The new Social Connector feature will allow you to manage contacts from social networks directly in the program. While it is possible to work only with the social network MySpace.
• It has become possible to protect password-based accounts, and not the entire program.
• A ribbon menu has appeared.

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