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A book with algorithms in C ++ (archive site e-maxx.ru)

There is one great website dedicated to algorithms - surely many of you have heard about it and siphoned its contents with Teleport or something like that. But more recently, Maxim (the author of the site) created a very convenient pdf-book from all the articles that were present on the site. I know that he will be pleased to learn that his work was useful to the IT community, so I decided to write here about an e-book with algorithms.

In this book there are algorithms on the following topics:
In total, it currently has 135 algorithms with a description, TeX-formulas and source code in C ++.

You can download it from the site (I don’t know if it can withstand the habra effect) or it is temporarily blocked with DropBox, perezaleyte someone, please, I can not from the hostel.

PS: 3 years Maxim himself wrote articles to the site, but I know that among you, dear habro-users, there are many talented people who could help him in this difficult task. If you want to write an article or in any way help Maxim with this book, you can write to him at e-mail e-maxx [r @ at] inbox.ru or to the forum .
PPS: Maxim was registered on Habré.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104747/

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