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Nokia CEO expressed the company's attitude to the Android platform


Many have repeatedly wondered why Nokia does not release devices based on the Android platform. And here's the answer, and at the highest level - from the very company CEO Ansi Vanjoki (Anssi Vanjoki).

Why is Nokia not releasing Android devices? Because the software from Google provides a short-term solution that will be “at the helm” for a very short time, ”said the executive director. He also did not hesitate to bring a metaphor (hello, Dr. House!) Explaining this point of view: mobile device manufacturers who decide to follow the Android path are no better than the Finnish guys, "writing in their pants to keep warm."
Despite the seemingly absurd statements, some analysts agree with Annecy, explaining that Android is a universal platform that can establish "constantly low profitability" when users no longer distinguish brands because they offer the same thing.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104744/

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