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Competition Imagine Cup for IT-administrators - today, September 22!

The school year, it seems, has just recently begun - and with it the competitions of the Imagine Cup of the new season start! This academic year, the final will be held in the summer of 2011 in New York - this is a good excuse to redouble our efforts to get there. If you have not registered for the competition on the site http://www.imaginecup.com/registration - do it right now to keep abreast of the news. If you already participated in competitions last year - just go to www.imaginecup.com with your old name and password, after which you will need to go through a simple procedure for updating your password and profile - and go ahead, to victory!

Imagine Cup has a lot of challenging and interesting contests, but there is one very simple one - a competition of administrators, or IT Challenge - and you can take part in it today, September 22 (the next opportunity will be only after 3 weeks, October 19)! In the first round of the competition, you only need to answer correctly 15 questions out of 30 - after which you pass to the next round. In the second round, the tasks are more substantive, but they also do not require much time from you - you will need to describe the IT infrastructure that meets the specified requirements, as well as perform some tasks on remote virtual machines. This is a good opportunity to practice in the administration of Windows-based systems - there are not so many olympiads for administrators !

To participate you need to do the following steps:

Test dates: September 22, 2010, October 19, 2010, November 2 and 18, 2010, December 3 and 15, 2010, January 14 and 31, 2011. You can participate in one or more tests - for passing in 2 Round Two It is enough to correctly answer 15 or more questions.
Show yourself and show the world that Russian students are the best, and they are well-versed in Microsoft products too! If you have questions about the test, the registration, or you just want to share your impressions of the test - write in the comments. I will also be happy to answer questions on Twitter . The official twitter of the competition, from which you can get all the news - @imcup .

For those who do not speak much English, and want to compete with the administrators in Russia and the near abroad - we remind you that until the end of September, registration is open for the IT-Planet Olympiad. Within the framework of the Olympiad, there is also a Windows administration contest, in which the first round is held in absentia via the Internet in the form of answers to questions, and the second is the actual task performance on computers in display classes.

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