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HP StorageWorks: on tour in cities

In the spring of this year, HP StorageWorks storage products line up with several new products that we already wrote about in our blog — the third generation of the well-known HP StorageWorks P2000 (MSA2000) disk array, HP StorageWorks D2D disk backup system with the innovative implementation of the StoreOnce deduplication technology and HP StorageWorks P4000 iSCSI Storage System for SAN (formerly LeftHand).

From mid-September, potential buyers of storage systems in the Russian regions will be able to become more familiar with these new HP StorageWorks products and, based on their first experience, make the final purchase decision. On September 16, HP, together with one of the largest Russian distributors of OCS, launched a new HP StorageWorks demo program in the regions of Russia. Storage systems will be provided for trial testing for up to two months so that customers can find out in detail how the new system will fit into their IT infrastructure and how it can improve the efficiency and resiliency of data access.

The equipment will be distributed through the network of OCS offices, which now covers 21 regions, and their local partners. The first new HP StorageWorks will be able to try in "combat" conditions customers from the Voronezh, Sverdlovsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk regions.

The HP StorageWorks G2000 G3 array can be ordered in configurations with both Fiber Channel and SAS or iSCSI. Therefore, this system will find application in companies using various options using either SAN or DAS (connecting the server to the storage system directly). The first HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 configuration option will be promoted along with HP StorageWorks B-Series switches to build a Fiber Channel-based SAN storage network.
A trial version of the HP Data Protector backup package is included with HP StorageWorks hardware kits. Finally, given the fact that LeftHand systems have recently appeared in the HP StorageWorks line, and many Russian HP customers have not worked with them yet, HP plans to organize trainings on equipment, solutions and capabilities of LeftHand in the regions.

According to Sergey Kupriyanov, head of HP’s OCS, OCS has previously held regional demo programs to promote HP products and other vendors. For example, a program was recently completed, during which customers could get older HP LaserJet printers for trial testing.

The HP StorageWorks demo program differs from similar programs in that a customer who, after testing, decides to purchase a storage system, does not have to return it to the regional OCS partner and then wait for the delivery of the ordered product. Under the terms of this demo program, the customer may receive the same storage system on which the testing was performed, which means that he will not have to re-configure and migrate the data. Of course, it will be beneficial for both the client and the companies: the client receives equipment that he can immediately put into operation after the testing, and the dealer does not need to keep demo equipment and take care of it.

So, we will be glad to see you at the OCS or HP offices in your city!

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