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A demo version of Civilization V is available.


Before the release of Sid Meier's Civilization V, there is absolutely nothing left, let me remind you that the release in the United States took place on September 21 , in Europe the game will be released a little later, namely on September 24 , the localized version from 1C-SoftKlab should be expected by October 8 .

At the moment, a demo version is available on Steam , but for haters of a well-known internet distribution service, I suggest using all the well - known torrent tracker to get the cherished copy of the demo version.

In the demo version they will play for only three leaders ( Alexander , Darius and Ramses ), and the choice is made by chance, there is also a limit of 100 moves. The card is only available one.

The full version will be available on Steam in just one day or so at a low price of $ 49.99 USD , now Preorder can be issued on the page.

1C recently launched the official website on the game, where you can follow the news about the localization of the game, as well as joining modern trends opened a twitter account.

Having gotten the demo version, many users immediately ran into a problem: the game crashes when starting, it is easy to solve the problem, you just need to ensure that there are no Cyrillic characters on the way to the game directory.

I consider it not ethical to talk about the features of the new civilization, so as not to deprive you of the pleasures of pleasant discoveries.

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