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The rating of "narrow specialists" on Habré

Good day, colleagues!
Let me put an idea for general discussion, which I have been thinking about for quite some time.

Due to the fact that Habr is a highly specialized and thematic resource, do not you think that it makes sense, along with the concepts of karma and rating, to introduce something like an “institute of narrow specialists” applied to each thematic blog. Currently, as a reader of blogs that are different from my main interests, it is sometimes difficult for me to determine the qualifications of the author of a topic, and to establish in my head a certain prism for evaluating what has been written. From this point of view, a “narrow rating” of a habrauser in relation to a specific thematic blog would be very convenient in my opinion.

The input, it seems to me, should be:

In addition, it seems to me that such a rating will ultimately have a positive effect on the content of Habr. I do not deny the needs of such a resource as Habr in “cult” and “charismatic” personalities (I think everyone understands who I mean) and near-special articles (humor, holivar, incident handling, etc.). However, I would like to see the preservation in him and the flow of specialized information, than he always differed. It seems to me that the “institute of narrow specialists” will organically integrate into the existing model of self-regulation of this resource.
I propose to take part in the discussion of the possibility of such a rating, adequate principles and formulas for its calculation, as well as a scheme for its visualization in the interface of a specific blog and a specific article.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104721/

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