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September 21, 2010 - twenty years of the Russian Fidonet

The first nodes of the Fidonet network in Russia appeared in Novosibirsk, their system operators were Vladimir Lebedev and Yevgeny Chupriyanov (known under the pseudonym — Eric Fletcher). On September 21, 1990, these sites first appeared in the Czechoslovak segment of the world nodelist:
2:42/100, Morning_Star_BBS, Novosibirsk_USSR, Eric_Fletcher
2:42/101, SVP_BBS, Novosibirsk_USSR, Vladimir_Lebedev
And in the diary of Yuri Potapyuk (hereinafter - one of the four first fidoshnikov Russian region R50) that day there was a historical record:

[facsimile page from Potapük’s diary]

In commemoration of this historic event in Moscow, a commemorative fidopoyka is scheduled to take place this Saturday (September 25, 2010) in a traditional location, near the Falconry Pond. The gathering at noon under the arch of the Sokolniki metro station for an hour, then the fodoshniki advance to the Pond and work there for lively communication, drinking alcoholic beverages of various strengths, as well as ritual drowning of the dial-up modem (this is a symbol of the transition to the new IP-technology of fidopochta transmission).


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104709/

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