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VMware View Client in Russian

As you know, VMware View version 4.5 has recently become available. A few weeks ago, VMware and the OCS distributor company organized a workshop among VMware partners in their office to exchange experience (Partner Exchange). At this seminar, one of the experts asked a question about the russification of VMware View, first of all, the client part - after all, the users work with it.
Unfortunately, at the moment in the Release Notes we read:
Help, Help, and Customer Support . VMware View Installation Guide, VMware View Installation Guide, VMware View Administrator's Guide, VMware View Installation Guide

But as they say, if you really want, then you can ...

We answer the question of our colleagues:
Everything is explicable - most likely, not so many VMware View licenses are still being sold in Russia. After all, it is necessary to cover the costs of translation of the client and documentation (of course, these are one-time costs, by the way, the localization of terms in other products of VMware is very good). And most importantly, the cost of technical support of Russified products (hello, VMware, we are ready to carry out a local TP on mutually beneficial conditions). After all, our foreign colleagues will not understand our Cyrillic runes.
But we are all engineers and technicians. Immediately make a reservation, we are talking about a client for MS Windows.
... And since this is MS Windows, then everything is simple! Since at least one more language is available, except for American English, then most likely the product is already ready for localization, the core allows.

Voila! (slightly increased the window in size, because in Russian, as a rule, it turns out longer)
Here is VMware View client in Russian

For aesthetes, you can go further:

wswc.exe processes

Naturally, no one promises anything and does not support such tricks, as they say, “AS IS”


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