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Meebo updated interface

Following Twitter, I decided to update my interface to the popular web-pager Meebo .
My acquaintance with Meebo took place about six months ago, and he won my sympathy with his simplicity and accuracy.
It will be especially convenient if you have several workplaces and at the same time you communicate with a small number of people (no more than five):

What is Meebo in its current reincarnation?

- Chat through the main networks (AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, ICQ, Jabber and a dozen others)
- Save chat history with searchability
- Clients for mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry)
- Group conversation with the possibility of moderation (meebo rooms)
- Ability to embed a chat widget into your web pages (meebo me)
- Ability to bypass corporate firewalls (meebo repeater)

Who uses this web client? Mainly Europe, North and South America (the image is clickable):

In spite of all my capabilities, I still don’t have enough features, namely support for the Skype protocol. Therefore, the chat in Skype remains imo.im

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104702/

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