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Phone numbers on various Internet resources

Being quite an active and advanced user of the gadget from Apple, I often use the mobile Internet when I need to urgently find something, but I don’t have a computer at hand.

Very often, I encounter a problem that the necessary resource has been found, business after small - to call the number indicated on the resource, but bad luck - for some reason, on many sites the owners leave the phone without a country code (or at least an old-fashioned long-distance code line).

Of course, there are no problems with the country code - it is usually known to everyone (although it may not be), but due to the fact that it is not specified, you have to somehow remember the number (or think of other ways) and add 8 or +7 to it which causes some inconvenience: I usually create a contact with the name A, then edit, call, delete the contact.
Are there any similar problems on other smartphones and how are you struggling with this?

I think the creators of resources (or even ordinary users who leave phones somewhere) should think about this seemingly trifle that makes it difficult to use the resource and sometimes even forces a potential client to look for another site just because he is too lazy to bother with number
It is still good that the client who came from the smartphone understands why he could not reach the number indicated on the resource, although it seems to me that the majority of smartphone users will think about it last.

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