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Can everyone keep the musical copyright? I tried…

By virtue of my love for everything that is fair and legal, I decided that the rights to play music should also be respected. The solution was to get rid of illegal content by completely removing it and then studying music, which is offered under the Creative Commons license. I am not a fan of many groups, except for one, so there was no problem in choosing a new music. Using the jamendo.com service for myself, I discovered a lot of interesting music bands that exist on donation or some other money, but are not slaves to any global labels. I can describe the site as a global music catalog, which, by the way, is built into the standard audio player in the Ubuntu system, which is a kind of analogue of Myspace, only where you can download free and legal music files. Good community, good music, but still something is missing.

And it is not enough of those groups that I previously listened to without ceasing, such as the Muse group (here you can substitute your favorite group, most likely everyone has one). If I wanted to, then money was allocated from the pocket for the purchase of 4 albums of the group in the format of Audio-CD. The audio tracks were digitized and in the end the discs themselves are just lying and gathering dust.

What to do with them? Throw out? Will I still have the right to use digitized records? Where is the evidence that I did not download these songs from torrents? This is what stumped me. Now I, of course, understand that in the future it is necessary to acquire only digital content, but what to do with several disks? I wrote to the company Warner Music Russia - they are silent from them. Maybe the habr-community will tell me how best to act from a legal point of view? After all, many houses have a lot of CDs on the shelves and not only because they like to listen to true Audio-cd quality ...


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