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Google launched Transparency Report

image Today, Google launched a new service designed to make the work of the company more open.
Transparency Report consists of two parts:
Government Requests - Information on the number of government requests to remove content or provide information about users of Google products.
Traffic is a tool that allows you to see what percentage of requests to Google services were interrupted due to the blocking by the government of the country or for technical reasons.

Government Requests

Statistics on government requests to Google is displayed in two windows over the map: in the left window, a list of countries with the number of requests from them to receive information and to delete it; in the right - detailed information on the selected country. Unfortunately, the number of countries on the list is quite modest. The time interval is 6 months. The Brazilian government, for example, is in active correspondence with Google.
Suspicions about the completeness of information begin to creep in when you see that the Russian government almost does not communicate with Google.
Indeed, the FAQ explains that information is far from complete - for example, statistics do not take into account requests for the deletion of content that violates copyrights.


On the graph you can see the percentage of availability of Google services in the selected country at a selected time. The list of countries here is much richer.


In general, Transparency Repor is quite interesting and gives food for thought. But expect a lot from him while still not worth it. I hope that the service will develop and we will know more about who and what forbids us.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104678/

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