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World Map as a strong password generator

American scientist from AT & T Research, Bill Cheswick (Bill Cheswick) at the recently held Cyber ​​Security Conference, proposed an interesting method for generating a long and complex password, which is almost impossible to forget.

He offers to choose some place in the world and take its coordinates from Google Maps. Since the service provides 10-digit accuracy in longitude and latitude, you get an excellent 20-digit password. It is advisable to choose a place where you have never been to add an additional degree of protection.

20 characters [0-9] provide the number of options 10 20 , which is approximately equal to 2 * 62 11 , that is, even better than a password with a length of 11 characters from the 62-character set [az AZ 0-9].
The system of checking the “coordinate password” can be specially adapted for the convenience of users, that is, instead of a text input field, you can make a world map on which a person must find, zoom in and use the mouse to indicate a “hidden” place. In this case, even the keyboard sniffer will not be able to intercept the information.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104675/

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