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The girl accidentally called for a birthday through Facebook thousands of guests

Fourteen-year-old Rebecca Javeleau mistakenly published publicly the details of the event to which she invited her friends, which led to thousands of responses to an invitation from outsiders. And despite the fact that her mother canceled the event, the police stepped up patrolling the street on which the girl lives, fearing that the influx of randomly invited Facebook users would cause chaos in a small town.

The girl wanted to offer to visit her fifteenth birthday only fifteen of her friends, but a few hours after appearing online, strangers noticed the event, and her mistake caused online ridicule.

At a certain point, the number of responses to a request to attend an event reached 21,000, i.e. tens of thousands of people pressed the button confirming their participation in the celebration of Rebecca’s birthday.

According to her mother, the girl did not understand what created the public event, and now it caused a whole wave of problems. For example, you will have to change the SIM card in her mobile, because of the squall of calls that she received from those people who accepted the invitation and received her personal data.
Rebecca could not understand the privacy options, and was deprived of the Internet. Her mother took the computer away from the unfortunate child in order to prevent such an error in the future. A woman works for social services, dealing with adults with learning difficulties, raises another eleven-year-old daughter and lives separately from her children's father.

This story has once again agitated critics who consider Facebook privacy settings too complicated.

Rebecca's mother believes that the Facebook team should make it so that everyone who publishes information about an event can see if only friends or anyone else will receive information about it. When thousands of people gather for a private event of a 14-year-old girl, this should be interpreted by the site as something unusual, and the event should be automatically canceled and the group deleted.

Despite the fact that the message was deleted, in other groups they continued to invite to the pre-party, after-party, “hungover” -party and similar parties, allegedly from Rebecca, and the photo of the girl was distributed online. So there are still fears that thousands of people will rush into the city with a population of 30,000 people.

The police of the city is concerned about this situation and calls on people who may want to come to a small town, even for fun, have changed their plans. They plan on a Rebecca birthday to increase their patrols.

Their fears are not unfounded. There have already been cases when children accidentally left public messages about their private events on Facebook, and then their houses suffered from an influx of adults who wanted to have fun, who came, got drunk and organized real pogroms.

A Facebook spokesperson said that the “Events” settings were divided into a separate category and separated from the general privacy settings. In addition, when creating events, warnings about its “visibility” are displayed.
Facebook believes that they have provided users with everything they need to report strange or inappropriate things on the pages. As well as management tools and control over their own data and messages.

Helping children use the Internet safely is a common task of service providers and parents. Facebook focuses on a variety of resources in its own Security Center, and in particular on sections for teenagers and parents, which explain how to safely use the service.

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