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Beeline: All browsers except IE6 incorrectly perceive the numbers in the input fields

I decided to look at the details of the calls and went to my account on https://uslugi.beeline.ru/
My old password is already in auto-complete, but the service did not let me in, saying that the password is incorrect. According to the instructions I call the number * 110 * 9 #, I receive SMS with a password (6 digits). I enter this password and see 2 errors saying that my password is wrong again, and I have been blocked at all and I have to call support.

Took the phone, began to call. I described the situation, the girl asked if I entered the password incorrectly 3 times, I replied that I entered 1 time old and 1 time just come from them.
The next question was “What browser do you use? Internet Explorer 6 or others? ". I replied that my browser is different, to which the girl gave me an amazing phrase “We recommend using the Internet Explorer 6 browser, because other browsers may incorrectly perceive the information in the input fields ". Considering that the fields are only 2 and in both digits (phone number and password), I was very surprised and told the girl that I don’t have a program like Internet Explorer 6, and she advised me to install it from the Internet.

In the end, I thanked the girl and said goodbye to her.
For now, a little dear Beeline , in the 21st century, you are one of the largest mobile operators in Russia. At a time when everyone refuses to support IE 6, you have a signature on your site: “For correct work in the system, use a version of Internet Explorer not lower than 6.0”. It is a shame for you and disrespect for customers.

UPD: quest continues. Still, they let me out from under the chrome, but not into my personal account, but they force me to change my password. When changing, it gives the error “Error! An error occurred while executing the request. Please contact the Beeline Customer Support Center by calling 0611. ” I think I already know that they will answer me there.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104672/

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