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New application for Facebook

Once the companies understood how to get to the users who left the television screens on the Internet. So, first appeared social networks, and then various applications that in a game form introduce the consumer to the product. As a result, we have millions of gizmos for entertainment, communication and shopping. Until today, only one direction remained uncovered, namely, the public sector.

The first such application was the "Bill"


Now Facebook users can take part in legislative activity and express their opinions without leaving the social network. The application offers to read the text of the current bill and vote. Even a user who is far from the policy will not have problems - the most relevant and controversial articles of the document contain expert comments.


E-government today should not only provide public services via the Internet, but also receive feedback from the public regarding the activities of the state. This is exactly what the “Bill”: the application analyzes the result of voting and takes into account such parameters as the city, gender and age of the “electorate”. As a result, you can see a clear portrait of an active user interested in legislative activity.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104669/

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