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About a year ago began the active dissemination of the so-called Q & A social networks (Questions & Answers). In Russia, such projects are called services of anonymous questions. In the West, it all started with Formspring, which was the first to create a user-friendly site in which users exchanged questions with each other, trying to answer them in a more original way. This was the case when startups noticed the popularity of such a format of communication in other systems and made a separate website for it. Approximately also many years ago, someone saw the possibility of communication via SMS and came up with the idea of ​​microblogging.

As is often the case, the western project quickly gained popularity and, due to the effect of “word of mouth” and scandals (the press wrote how schoolchildren committed suicide, after receiving offensive questions) quickly spread to the United States. All this led, if I may say so, to the beginning of the formation of the market for “services of anonymous questions.”


On July 16, 2010, we launched a new service of anonymous questions, Ask.fm , which, as a Q & A network, offered what Formspring did not have, namely, multilingual support, connection to regional social networks and a simple search for friends.


In simple terms, Ask.fm is a social network of user questionnaires where they can exchange various questions. In order to ask, registration is not required, thereby any person gets the opportunity to anonymously ask a user to Ask.fm. Communicating in the Q & A format, project participants can learn more about each other and show themselves from a new, possibly previously unknown, side. As a result, a person has a peculiar interview in which his character and personal qualities are revealed. At the same time, the service serves as an excellent way to communicate well-known personalities with their fans and the press, as well as a business profile for various companies that can use Ask.fm for customer feedback and PR promotion.



The service of anonymous questions is intended to bring together people from different countries in one project, providing them with an equally simple and intuitive interface, useful services for more convenient communication. The goal of Ask.fm is to form a multilingual community of people who can use the Q & A format to find new friends and express themselves by becoming public personalities in the Internet environment. Therefore, at the moment, Ask.fm supports 10 different languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian and Latvian.


On Ask.fm it is possible to log in through accounts of popular social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter) and an intuitive search for friends. You can search for them in the usual ways (login, first name, last name, city, mail), or by using the search function for contacts e-mail-boxes (we support gmail.com, mail.ru, aol.com and mail.live.com ). At the same time, you can automatically add your acquaintances through friends lists on Facebook and Twitter. Most recently, a Like functionality was added to the site to allow you to evaluate the most interesting questions. In the near future, we plan to make an API for use on Ask.fm, and so that it can be integrated into any web service and website.

Now we are actively developing the service, concentrating on the introduction of new functions and reliability of the system. And for us it is obvious that without the habrayuzer’s opinion about the project, it will be difficult to develop normally.

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