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MTS-Ukraine breeds subscribers for money

The story is short, written to ensure that all who use the services of this operator do not fall into my position and check the account more often.


I am a subscriber of MTS-Ukraine, MTS-Energy tariff plan (30 minutes of calls to MTS numbers and 20 MB of GPRS Internet per day free of charge), I replenish my account per month on average for 200 hryvnia (800 rubles), I often use the Internet on trifles, 20 megabytes per day is enough.


On September 11 of this year, on the way to IT Jam in Kharkov, it was necessary to call the guys in the lagging car to find out where they were. Prior to this, it was replenished with 100 hryvnia (400 rubles) on September 2, while still on the road I sat on the internet, read a mobile Habr, RCC, on trifles, in general. The call failed - the girl kindly reported that I did not have enough money in my account to make a call, and then added that I had 6 hryvnias in my account. With that, I called on the MTS and the validity period of the free minutes didn’t end in any way, I was embarrassed by this fact. The fact that there was little money left was not really embarrassing at first, after all, for about ± 2 weeks 100 hryvnia and enough. I was surprised that I cannot call even with 6 hryvnias. The second attempt was crowned with success. But further until 6 pm, until I found the replenisher for 90 hryvnia, I could not call or send SMS. Generally nowhere. After replenishing it seemed to be normalized, I wrote off the network for a glitch. The account did not check until Monday.

Update . The representatives of the MTS press service wrote to the post office, I am waiting for the development of events further

Update 2. After the intervention of the press service, the problem was resolved, the money was returned to the account, they promised to include the service within 24 hours and extend its validity period due to the delay.

Fun is in full swing

On Monday (September 13), at 9 am, it was necessary to call, again on the MTS number. And again I heard the same thing that I can not call, because There is no money in the account, you have 6 hryvnia in your account. Here I already saw the light of how I managed to spend 90 for Sunday. Immediately call the operator. The girl switched to the financial department, where they filed an application. It turns out that I just didn’t get free minutes and traffic when replenishing; I just spit out almost 100 hryvnia for calls and Internet billing for megabytes. The representative of the call center said that they would call me back and return the money as they considered the application.

The next day (Tuesday), I again replenished the account for 90 hryvnas with something through iBox (the commission ate several hryvnas from hundreds of hryvnias). Minutes are not charged. I called the operator to find out what happened to my application and why they do not call back. A kind girl was glad that they wouldn’t call me back :). But they promised to send the sms after consideration of the application, immediately saying that the period for its consideration is from 1 to 14 days.

After that, I replenished the hryvnia account by 100-150 (I do not even remember, because I did it several times). Internet disconnected in general in the settings, because he simply ate them from overclocking, even when reading rss and mobile versions of sites.

Merry sms or Fuck you!

This morning came a text message with the text:
Dear subscriber! Your request is outside the zone of influence of MTS and cannot be executed by MTS.
(my selection)

Translated to me, it sounded like “We stole your loot and put a bolt on you, we are not going to give it back”.

I call back to the operator asking why the application was not executed and could not be executed. The girl says that this is due to the fact that I replenished the account after its creation. Yeah, I had to sit for a week without communication. I am interested in that with the accrual of minutes and traffic. I receive a request to wait and in a minute I hear that she cannot now see whether they have or have not had technical problems, the company has problems with the equipment, they will fix them before September 22, call back 23.

That's all fun.

Bottom line: As long as I got 350 hryvnia, I think that they were simply banished to them by putting in such conditions, I don’t know how much the story will end. I can’t change the number, I’ll still have to carry the second phone for calls, because I’m going to scroll through at this speed - this is overkill, we have a maximum contract from Kyivstar unlimited costs 625 hryvnia per month.

For all. who read: be careful, check your account more often ( * 101 # ) and see if you have minutes and traffic ( * 101 * 4 # )

I wish that no one had any problems with their operators.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104657/

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