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Americans created helmets acting on the brain


Immediately I will say, despite the fact that the topic is unusually interesting, I did not find a single mention of it on Habré. Perhaps I was looking bad, yes. As for the news itself - remember the “Inhabited Island” and “black” and “white” radiation, which positively affects the solidarity regime of the citizens of the state and negatively - on its internal and external enemies. In general, almost every person who read this sci-fi novel thought with horror "what if ...". And this very “if” seems to have come. The fact is that the US Department of Defense and the Pentagon have announced a very interesting and creepy project "Remote control of brain activity using ultrasound."

As part of this project, a device was developed that, through ultrasound radiation, affects various areas of the brain, stimulating the expression of various emotions and affecting the general psychological state of the soldiers. As always, it was announced that this device was created in order to have a beneficial effect on soldiers who need to be restored - we are talking about employees with psychological problems. In addition, the device will allow soldiers to respond adequately in the event of emergency situations.
According to the developers, the device is so compact that it can be installed on the inside of the helmet - where there are radiating towers from the “Inhabited Island”.

The official name of the technology being developed is “trascranial pulsed ultrasound” - this type of radiation, according to the authors of the work, is capable of influencing deep areas of the brain. This device can seem to work with large and small areas of the brain, up to a couple of millimeters. I do not know how true this is, but this device seems to be able to treat even brain injuries (probably not the strongest, but still).

So far, only the prototype device is working, further research is being conducted under the strict guidance and financial contributions of the Pentagon. It seems that the developers are unlikely to tell about all their achievements, if the “first violin” is still left to the Pentagon, who likes to classify everyone and everything. I would not like, of course, to get an outfit that allows you to control the soldiers (albeit not completely, but still). Previously, before the attack, they were given out on “one hundred grams”, but now, as we see, specialized helmets are being issued ... It becomes somehow uncomfortable with such projects.

Via Science.dodlive.mil

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