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Microsoft still launches Zune Marketplace in Europe


It took quite a long time until Microsoft, looking at the successful experiments of Sony and Apple, decided to launch its own media service for Europeans. This service allows you to access media content via a personal computer, Xbox game console or mobile phone based on Windows Phone 7. Content hosted on the service is monetized in two ways - you can either buy music or movies, or “rent”.

For example, you can pay and download any track you like, a whole music album, or just pay for access to any content. Previously, the Zune Marketplace was only available for the United States and Canada, traditionally, but now it has access to people in Europe, Australia and New Zealand plus Africa . So far, representatives of the corporation have reported not so many details about the new service - it is only known that for Europe access for a month will cost 9.99 euros, for England - 8.99 pounds. Unfortunately, the terms of the purchase or “rental” of the content are still unknown.
True, it is known that residents of the United States will have several advantages compared to residents of other countries. For example, Americans can download any number of protected tracks during the paid period of access to the service. After the end of the subscription period, users from the United States can choose any ten songs that can be left, and not deleted at the end of the payment period. But for residents of other countries, this option is not available.

It is worth noting that access to the Zune Marketplace from mobile devices is still relevant only for owners of Windows Phone 7-based communicators - this is probably done in order to popularize their mobile OS. In addition, the management of the corporation hopes that thanks to the new service, the Xbox game consoles, of which about 40 million have been sold so far, will become more popular. In principle, a good replenishment of the customer base for the Zune Marketplace.

Well, while waiting for the review of the service of those habravchan who try the Zune Marketplace among the first.

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