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Announced by HP PhotoSmart eStation and HP Zeen

So, everything that was written about so long ago on Engadget came true. A few hours ago, HP officially unveiled a new HP PhotoSmart eStation MFP, which comes bundled with a detachable HP Zeen Android Tablet.

HP PhotoSmart eStation with HP Zeen Tablet (clickable photo)

The 7-inch tablet serves as a printer control panel, and at the same time is closely integrated with the Barnes & Noble bookstore and is crammed with a variety of applications for accessing content (from weather forecasts to discount coupons). Everything you can see on the tablet screen can be easily printed on an eStation, including books. The tablet can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi.
At the moment, 45 providers have prepared their tablet apps, and their list will be expanded. Already, a user in the United States could buy and print a boarding pass for a plane, various news and posters from Yahoo, discount coupons from American grandparents Biglion and Darberry, as well as many other useful things. Of course, there is a browser with full access to social networks, email, news sites, etc. Flash is not supported.

HP Zeen Tablet closeup

However, most applications from the Android Market on the tablet is not yet available. The representative of HP explained this by the fact that applications on the Android Market are not adapted for 7-inch screens. Zeen is set up by HP and Yahoo Android 2.1. By the beginning of sales will be updated to version 2.2.

The Photosmart eStation Zeen MFP will be sold in the US for $ 399. The start of sales should be expected in the coming weeks, by the pre-New Year season.

And here Engadget has already managed to touch the device: see the review .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104639/

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