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XenForo: public beta release date set and pricing announced

I am pleased to announce that the first public beta version of the new XenForo forum engine, which I already wrote about , will be available in the first week of October. The exact date will be announced additionally. After the beta starts, the final release date will also be announced. The beta version will be able to download only XenForo buyers for testing. Sales, as you know, start immediately with the release of beta. Forum prices are as follows:

In principle, this is quite a decent amount. But on the other hand, as the developers promised, the price is quite competitive with VBulletin and IPB.

Support dates will be calculated from the release date of the stable version 1.0. On the first day after the start of beta testing, the cost of the annual license will be $ 100 . For those who wish not to miss this solemn moment, I recommend to subscribe to the feed of the Announcements section of the official XenForo forum.

The translated FAQ is available on the Russian community website XenForo .

One of the fully Russian threads on the official forum can be found in this thread . Although he exists more for fun. Some of the Russians have already been banned for spam ;).

The official forum already has a Russian influence. Someone drew even “smile from severe communist Russia” emoticons :)

Despite the fact that there is only beta release ahead, I would gladly replace this final version of VB of the latest release, which I have on the forum with 2.5M hits per month ... I'm afraid that the converter for the four will be made only in a couple of months.

I look forward to the release. And you?

PS Is it possible for XenForo to create a separate blog so that VBulletin does not post its news?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104637/

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