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"Pirate Party" of Sweden failed miserably in parliamentary elections

In the elections that ended yesterday in the Riksdag (national parliament) of Sweden, the so-called Pirate Party (Piratepartiet) did not pass the 4% electoral barrier and would not go to parliament.
The current counting of the remaining votes will show absolute values, but Piratepartiet currently has 0.71% of all votes cast, and bypasses such parties as “Feminist Initiative” (0.55%) and “Swedish Pensioner Party” ( 0.22%).

The Pirate Party of Sweden was known to hit one of the 18 places allocated to Sweden in the European Parliament in 2009 and offered to host The Pirate Bay server in its office in the parliament building. The current election failure clearly demonstrates the party’s inability to attract attention and interest voters.
Alas, the organization of flash mobs and scandalous popularity is not all that is required from a political party (at least outside Russia), and over the past few years, as the result of the elections shows, they have not been able to formulate a political credo in any way its viability is not PR actions, but real deeds.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104636/

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