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Adobe Photoshop. Look back

Each person has their own story. A person changes with time, appearance, character changes, only the name remains unchanged. This year, Adobe is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century is a solid age for even for a person, and for a computer technology company is just a huge age, few can boast such a story.

I decided to look back and see how Adobe developed and its most famous product, Photoshop. Traced the transformation of the logo and boot screen.

The company logo has changed three times.

This version was drawn by Marv Vanrok, wife of Adobe founder John Vanroc.

The second version was adapted for printing a small size by an employee of Adobe Luanna Seymour Cohen. It was used from 1990 to 1992.


The third and latest version of the logo was developed in 1992 and is used to this day.

Let's see how Photoshop has changed:

When you start Photoshop, we see a boot screen that is unique for each version. Here's how they looked, starting from the first and ending with the CS5 version.

The first version . It is noteworthy that the monitors were then black and white, and therefore Photoshop, also did not differ in color.

The second version . I wonder why it is written that this is a version for macs. For Windows, it still wasn't there.

Version 3.0 . Pay attention to the creators, there are only ten. Remember what a huge list now. It is in this version that the layers appeared.

The fourth version is notable for the fact that there is not a word about it in Wikipedia.

The boot screen of the fifth version is not very different from the fourth, as that, in turn, was not very different from the third. Released in May 1998.

The sixth version is notable for the appearance of branded antiqua, which typed the name.

Seventh version . The main thing in it is that this is the first version that I remember, it was in it that I took the first steps: I swapped the priests and heads.

Photoshop 8. He is CS. Adobe hinted that the program is now part of the Creative Suite. To replace the eye came feathers.

CS2. The version is remarkable because it is the latest version of the package, where they added something really useful. All other versions are interface improvements and doubtful functionality for working in 3d.

CS3 . Completely changed the icons and type of boot screens. Abandoned font. Lebedev said that this is the only correct step in the new photoshop. This was done to better identify Adobe products, which, by the way, were already over a dozen at the time.

CS4 . Slightly corrected the interface, added a couple of functions - meet the new Photoshop CS4.

CS5 . Slightly corrected the interface, added a couple of functions - meet the new Photoshop CS5.


Unfortunately, I could not find the icons earlier than the seventh version. But their form can be concluded based on the boot screens, which are presented above. It is especially interesting to watch the development of CS3, CS4, CS5. If all the others can be arranged in chronological order, even without knowing the versions, then I would have difficulties with these three.


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