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Dual identification on Google services protection

Today, Google announced the imminent launch of a new protective function for its users. At first, users of Google Apps Premier, educational institutions and government accounts will be able to test the dual identification system. Then the function will be available to everyone in a few months.

It is necessary to clarify what, in fact, is the system of double identification? Most of the existing authorization systems that you use on a daily basis are “one-factor”, that is, you entered a password - you are in the system. But if the password is compromised, then you just have to reap the results of the actions of intruders. More secure systems are widely used in the business field. To access something, you need not only a password, but also a physical medium — usually a card or electronic key. This is called a double identification system. Now, for a potential pest, knowledge of the password will be insufficient, because it will also need the physical presence of the card. Unfortunately, these types of additional protection are quite expensive. Google is going to develop the idea and offer people additional protection.
The physical access key will be your mobile phone. To do this, you need to activate a special option on the settings page. After that, every time you log into your Google account with your username and password , you will be redirected to a special page with a requirement to enter a verification code ( in the screenshot above ).

Verification code will come to you on the service-linked mobile each time you try to log in. In this case, Google has prepared a special application for the Android system, iPhone and Blackberry phones - having received a special six-digit code and entering it in the browser, you will be able to complete the authorization process. The choice of the system can also send SMS with the code, or provide the code in the form of a voice message.

The whole process will take no more than a minute, but such a protection system will make it much more difficult for intruders to access your information. Customization is subject to special conditions in which it is necessary or not necessary to include this system. For example, you can enable dual identification only for your home computer and / or work computer.

By the way, such a system is already operating in Russian realities and for quite some time. Alfa Bank has a similar scheme for managing your account through Internet banking.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104614/

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