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Forgotten attachment detector - not a feature, but an important functionality

Today, after clicking on the Send button, Gmail showed me a message:


And I really forgot to attach the file :)
I was very pleasantly surprised, and by googling I realized that this was not a new feature, I just did not notice it when it was still in Labs. But on Habré about her almost a word.

The first mention of it in the official blog Gmail (09/15/08) - New in Labs: Forgotten attachment detector
Fitch leaves Labs and becomes part of the regular interface (02/24/10) - Gmail Labs graduation and retirement (this news was mentioned on Habré )
Last mention (05/16/10) - Tip: Gmail

Reacts to phrases like:

attached file
see attachment
attached to this message
I'm attaching
I've attached

Checked in the English interface.

But I tried to make references with the words “attachment” or “attached file” - does not respond: (

Tell me, who uses other postal services, does this work for Yandex, and others? For Russian, Ukrainian text?

It seems to me that this is not just a small feature, but a necessary functionality for the postal service.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104613/

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