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TeachVideo Apple Flavor

In modern conditions of crazy speeds and chronic shortage of time, gadgets have gained global popularity. So, it is well known that on the first day of the appearance on the shelves of the iPad stores more than 300,000 devices were sold worldwide, in the next 4 days another 150,000 people became happy owners of high-tech innovations. As for the iPhone, this device has become a familiar tool for searching and sharing information, both on a global scale and in Russia, and the number of its owners is constantly increasing.

In view of the growing popularity of the iPhone and iPad, TeachVideo announced the launch of a series of training courses in a simple and easy-to-read video format. Actual applications for the iPhone and iPad include a set of the most popular lessons on setting up and working in Windows 7, working with Office 2007 and Office 2010 packages from Microsoft, processing and correcting photos in Adobe Photoshop, working in 3D Max, 1C and other popular programs and services.


Representatives of the company TeachVideo assure that this is only the beginning . “We have a lot of ideas,” says Maxim Pichevsky, manager for working with key partners of TeachVideo, “ We are ready to partner with any content providers to convert it into an easy-to-learn audio and video format.” This means that everyone now has the opportunity to promote their own product through iTunes through video lessons created in conjunction with TeachVideo .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104605/

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