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12 first winners

We recently announced the launch of the " 100,000 clicks for the top 100 freelancers " campaign, and it was time to announce the first lucky ones.

The 12 people we have chosen as winners provide their services in various fields. Most experts came from IT, so we decided to select 6 consultants in this particular area. The rest of the services relate to business and health, and, oddly enough, bicycle forks. Another service we have chosen specifically for the beautiful half of humanity.

Linux and BSD consultancy ($ 0.30, hereafter per minute of conversation)
Doctor's consultations ($ 1.00)
Interaction and Interfaces ($ 1.00)
Maintenance of bicycle forks ($ 0.50)
Assistance in installing Windows and Linux ($ 0.35)
SEO_help ($ 0.50)
Web Development ($ 0.50)
Organization of local networks ($ 0.35)
Bicycle Repair ($ 1.00)
Psychologist / psychotherapist ($ 2.00)
Consulting on the organization of sales ($ 1.25)
School superfigurok ($ 0.33)

We invite you to try the services yourself and evaluate the consultants - each newly registered TipMeet receives $ 0.90 in the account as a gift.

The absolute winner was Andrei Pokora, who not only professionally designed the page of his service , but also installed a button to call his blog.

We recommend that all participants follow the rule: a clear photo, a clear description, a reasonable price and work time. All this will positively affect the number of customers and calls from them.

In addition, there are several simple ways to increase the number of calls to yourself, for example, to install a button for a call on your website / blog - it will redirect the clicker to your public page.

We remind you that the promotion lasts until November 1 and every week we select 12 new winners, each of which will receive 1000 clicks through Yandex.Direct. Follow our updates!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104594/

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