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poSEEDelki: Silicon Valley - Myths and Reality

On September 22, the SU-HSE on Pokrovsky Boulevard will host the second poSEEDelki in the autumn season. At an informal meeting of entrepreneurs, you can hear about the myths of Silicon Valley from the Wobot project team, who trained at the Plug & Play Tech Center incubator. And as usual, after the speakers' speeches, participants will be able to discuss their business ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

We ( GreenfieldProject ) are waiting for authors of ideas who are ready to talk about them in front of a small audience of fellow startupers. Of course, the doors to the event are open for working projects. But for them there are more suitable formats that require deep expertise - the same Startup Crash Test . poSEEDelki is primarily for those who only recently came to mind the image of their own business, those who are just groping for the way to create it.

This time the Wobot team promises to come to us - winners of the HSE {10K} and BIT Moscow 2010 start-up contests. They have just returned from a trip to Silicon Valley and are ready to share their fresh impressions. The project participants will tell you how and how overseas startups live, talk about what unites Russian and American innovators, and dispel or confirm the most popular stereotypes about the Valley.

poSEEDelki will be held on September 22 in the building of the State University Higher School of Economics on Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11. Beginning at 18:30. Participation is free . You need to register by the link and have an identity document with you.
PS Please do not forget to register. In the "tower" is a very severe pass system. And if you are not in the list of participants, you will not be allowed.

PPS For those who can not come, we will try to organize a text broadcast on Twitter on the hashtag #poSEEDelki. Perhaps there will be an online video broadcast.

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