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Natural Language Processing Seminar - Opening of the 2010/11 season


On Saturday, September 25th, 2010 at 17.00, we open a new season of the seminar on the automatic processing of natural language. At the first meeting of this school year, Eduard Klyshinsky (Institute of Applied Mathematics named after MV Keldysh of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow) will speak on the principles of building a program module for morphological analysis and synthesis for the Russian language. The report is called “Let's write morphology”.
The seminar will be broadcast on -line , later we will upload the presentation and the video recording to the seminar website .

About the seminar

The seminar takes place from October 2007 in St. Petersburg. During this time we managed to hold 34 seminars and one mini-conference. Almost all the speeches are recorded on video and posted on the seminar website along with presentations.

The seminar covers both the main topics of Natural Language Processing, (for example: information retrieval, machine translation, automatic extraction of facts from text, etc.), as well as smaller or peripheral tasks.

Among the speakers are employees of companies and scientific institutions whose tasks include language processing. We had representatives from Yandex, MDGs, Promt, Kaspersky Lab, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​St. Petersburg State University, etc.

The seminar is designed for a wide audience, but is focused primarily on students, graduate students and young professionals in linguistic specialties and specialties related to information technology. Prior knowledge, as a rule, is not required.

How to get?

This semester, the seminar will be held once every 2-3 weeks, on Saturdays at 17.00 at 10th line VO, Building 49 (building of the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University), aud. 308. To pass through the watch you need to say "I am at the seminar."

A workshop on automatic processing of natural language is a completely non-commercial initiative. Participation in the seminar is free and free.

Links: seminar website , Google group , Facebook page , twitter

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