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eBay, PayPal, missing iPad and unknown Police Report


I would like to tell you about how PayPal and its great Buyer Protection system protects your online purchases. Or rather, does not protect.

In mid-July, I ordered an iPad. I paid for the purchase with a card and waited for the cherished package. After a week and a half, an autopsy report came in which said that the box came with an underweight of almost 700 grams. Someone stole the tablet, but for some reason left the box, charging and everything else. I did not doubt the good faith of the seller, it was clear from the tracking that the package was sent in a weight of one and a half kilograms.
The first thing I did, as recommended by eBay, contacted the seller. He waved it off, saying I sent the goods, I know nothing. There is nothing to do, created a dispute on PayPal.

In 2 weeks of correspondence I faxed the following documents:
- A copy of the act of opening the parcel
- Payment receipt
- Statement to the director of the post office to conduct an internal investigation into the theft of a part of the package attachment.
- The answer is from him. In short, they sort of carried out the investigation, the parcel at customs was already half empty, the necessary documents were sent to the US mail.
- Kvitok (KUZ) from the police department to make a statement about the theft. How my statement was taken is a separate story. Three people in a row listened to me with surprised eyes, and the first two left with the words, "wait a bit." I never saw them again. The third accepted the statement. I did not give a copy of the statement.
- A copy of the status request.
- The answer from the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs, saying that the decision to refuse or initiate a criminal case has not yet been made.
All this was translated into English, that is, sent twice.

As a result, PayPal made a decision. Refuse to return the money, because a certain Police Report was not provided. Everything that I could shake out of the organs of our country, I sent. They did not hear about any Police Report.

Judging by this thread on the forum, I'm not alone

This is how almost $ 670 was stolen from me. Maybe I did something wrong?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104587/

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