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Another iRobot tablet

I got a tablet on e-bay. I really wanted a reading room and the Internet everywhere with me. Attracted price - about 100 dollars. When I had already paid, after reading the descriptions, I was a little disappointed, but holding the device in my hands, I realized that this was what was needed.
Description of a similar device here
Under the cut pictures, descriptions, arguments, requests.

It all came very quickly, in a week. Very surprised :). Sorry for the quality of the photos, there was nothing to shoot - only the phone.
Normal for such cases box.
In it. Actually, the tablet, universal charging, interface module, the stylus and the “gifts” - case and screen protector.

Unfortunately, the device is similar to the ipad, which (in my opinion) is not very good, since it causes unnecessary questions and Holivary.
The size suits me. Not a monster who has nowhere to shove, and not a kid "where everyone looks like Denis de Vito." It is a pleasure to read books like this. Comparison with a mobile phone.
It seems that this is one of the new versions of the "robot" (or its clones). Plugs on the bottom panel from left to right. Speaker, charging, connector for pairing, connector for Micro SD card, headphones, speaker.
On the side, the on / off button, volume swing, reset.
On the front side of the screen is a camera, a menu button.
Everything is collected qualitatively, no complaints.

CPU Type - VIA VT8505 ARM926 400MHz
Operating System - Google Android 1.6
LCD Size - 7 "TFT LCD
Resolution - 800 x 480
Camera - Built-in
OutputDevice - Built-in Stereo speakers
Input Device - Built-in Microphone
LAN - External Fast 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Adapter
WLAN - Built-in 802.11b / g WLAN Card
Card Reader - microSD Card slot x 1, support up to 32GB
USB - USB2.0 x 2 (Adapter)
AudioPort - Headphone x 1
AC Power Adapter - 100-240V Input, 9V DC Output, 1A
BatteryPack - 2400 mAh
Dimension - 20.4 x 13.7 x 1.5 cm
Weight - 390g

After reading Habr and other reputable sources, I learned that this processor is rather weak, and I had major alarms about it, but everything worked out. No complaints about the quality of the touchscreen, the response time and other characteristics - no.

Inside there is such an assembly


I'm not going to reflash yet, because I didn’t have anything to do with Android before and I'm afraid to kill the device. Although some features I would like to change. The tablet considers itself to be a telephone. I suspect that the assembly is copied from some kind of "real" phone.
From the battery with the active use of WiFi worked for a long time. In my subjective view much more than 2.5 hours. In reading mode - the whole day. It clings to the net well and quickly. I did not try to work with mobile modems, it is unnecessary for me, but on the main screen there are settings.
With an adapter (on which there are 2 USB and Ethernet ports), everything also works without problems. Well identifies flash drives, mice.
Video - you have to try different options. The maximum that I recoded is mp4 320x240 - you can watch it in a campaign. But the video, as already mentioned, is not my main priority.
I am glad that the built-in browser automatically understands *. Apk files. No app installer needed.

Unfortunately, the appmarket is not real. There are only about a hundred applications in it.
I tried to install the appbrain market, but did not find the latest version, but I swear at the one I installed and need to download the latest version, which is impossible without the * .apk file. If anyone has, share).
I try to put a superuser to install a real market. So far to no avail))) More precisely, the supervisor got up, but does not work. I will pick further.
Put the barcode scanner. No code could not scan. No matter how I bring it to the camera, it doesn’t “blink”. The quality of the camera - so-so, but rather below average. Why is it even needed on such a device, it is not clear. Only for video calls, which I use very, very rarely, and then in Skype.
A general familiarity with the Android OS can be considered successful.

Of the minuses.
- Each time you turn on the tablet loses the memory card and finds it again. It takes about 10 seconds. The same effect, for some reason, is observed when the device is idle for a long time and falls asleep. He, suddenly, comes to life, says that "the card was unexpectedly removed," finds it, and falls asleep again. Unpleasant glitch.
- Many programs require a non-virtual keyboard and in order to close an application it is sometimes necessary to completely turn off the device. But this, rather, the problem is not a specific device, but android-like tablets in general.
- The Youtube application crashes, however, I learned to deceive him. (if it helps someone: while the main screen is loading, enter a few letters in the search bar and search for “search.” Everything. You can work. It seems that something on the main download page crashes the application.)
“The G-sensor works very uncertainly and hangs for 1-2 seconds, so it's better to“ turn over ”the image manually.
- The sound is very quiet. Really something to watch or listen to - only in the headphones.

I would be glad if my description will help someone to choose (or not choose) a similar device.
Ask - I will add.
I would like to hear something in the comments about pairing the tablet over the network with a windows-computer for transferring files (not only WiFi, but also Ethernet), as well as the possibility of connecting USB-bluetooth to connect a GPS module. And about getting root.
UPD. I ask for help with installing the correct store).

UPD. Link store on ebay - here

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104586/

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