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How the Spider Planet was created


In the spring of this year, I talked about releasing a book with video lessons where I talk about the process of creating computer illustrations. I am glad to announce that the book has already been released and is being launched.

Photography book

Sample video


The book is a description of the process of creating the illustration "Planet of Spiders".
It does not contain any recipes, secrets or magic. It can be considered as
phased description of the process of drawing a specific illustration.

During the work on the illustration, the author accompanies each stage with a screenshot and description of all
action. After each section, in difficult to understand places that cannot be described.
words in detail, the link to the video is shown, where everything can be seen clearly with voice

Some page spreads

The stores will be by the end of autumn - the beginning of winter, and now you can place an order on my website

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