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The world is me

Dear habocoobschestvuyu, I want to present you a fresh, interesting and ambitious project, on which we worked last year. Meet the media and communication social network “World is Me!” - www.worldis.me

The idea to build your amusement park, originated 2 years ago. The idea grew into intent, and intent into action. Several stern Siberian guys began to draw, typeset, code, plan and test. It all started what is called “in the garage”, as our team grows, from a one-room apartment with two computers, then to a four-room apartment and then to a full-fledged office, a large team and a server in a good data center. As a result of all the efforts, the social network “World is Me!” Appeared in the network, with the bright slogan “Your world is your rules”.

What is it?
This is a media and communication social network.

Why is this?
To communicate by their own rules.
Who is it for?
For people who watch and show, write and read, speak and listen, create and evaluate, work and relax, love and beloved. For all of us.

A bit of specifics.
There are things that it makes no sense to talk in Habré, for it is boring. This is a gentlemanly set of social networks - search for friends, personal messages, profiles, photos, videos, audio, blogs, groups, flexible privacy settings for all of this, and a mobile version. We have tried to do all this very well and conveniently, and we will continue to create and improve.
It is better to go directly to some of the features.
The dynamic of the user's life and his surroundings on the network is reflected in the ribbon. What's New: all events happening to him, his friends, his content, groups, owner and participant of which he is, are reflected in this tape. This interactive solution is complemented by a system of filters that control the composition of the tape and allow you to work only with selected elements that are most important to the user at the moment. New members of the network, too, will not feel lonely thanks to the tab Ether, which shows a tape of the latest "opinions" published on the network.

“Opinions” is the main form of communication in the network - a short public message of the user about any content, other users or about himself. It is easy to attach a media file to an opinion or to make it a status. Opinion is public, it can be shared with members of other networks.

It often happens that a teenage instinct wakes up in us - to add the missing word on the fence. In social networks, some photos and shout out phrases, and we are always limited in their creative impulse only comments. In the "world", on any photo, with the user's permission, you can draw a comic.

(Our coder Andrew disguised as Medved)

Comics are easily customized by size, text color and various types of "clouds". There may be a lot of comics, they are easy to view and save as a JPG image.

Also, we have implemented a continuous stream of media that goes into the network, whether it be a photo, video or audio, you can even search for nothing, everything will come to you, just refresh the page :)


All your media content is statistics, and it participates in the global network ranking. The most viewed or commented photos, video, audio or albums, 24 hours a day, are ranked in the “Popular” section. Becoming famous all over the world is not difficult at all.

A few words about the groups. In groups we tried to create a microcopy of the entire network, and even a bit more. Your group is a small social network with its own audience, with your settings and rules. In groups there are forums, blogs, media, general statistics and statistics of updates for the last 24 hours. At the disposal of the owner of the group is a graphic slideshow with flexible settings. The whole dynamics of the life of the group is displayed on the main page, next to the colorful wall, which can be decorated by anyone allowed by the owner. Groups in worldis.me is a complete tool for organizing the most diverse community.


When I said “Your world is your rules,” I also meant that we can delete a page from us, altogether ... Honestly, once and for all, no delayed deletions, and saving the content. Warning do not try to repeat it at home!

There is much more that I would like to tell about, but it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, in conclusion, I want to say ...

A little about development plans. The network has great potential for improvement, a huge mass of ideas, practical, beautiful and sometimes insane, arise in our heads. Approximately once a week we add something new to the project, the whole week in our office the keys are constantly knocking, the coolers buzz, and the mice are inexorably gaining mileage on the mat.
In the very near future plans to implement a humane and fair rating system. In order to comply with the slogan “Your World is your rules!”, We decided to retreat from all the rules on which social networks work and open the entire network to public access, completely! (for viewing without authorization, while only a part).
For this review, there is nothing more valuable than your feedback% username%.

Thanks for attention.

PS: The authors of the project BBird and DrImp .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104579/

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