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Hackday number 7. Report from TrendClub.ru

Last weekend in Moscow was Hackday # 7 .

This is the first hackay where Trend Club acted as a partner on behalf of ASUS and Intel. The presence of partners was invisibly felt in the form of a few leaflets on the tables in the conference room. So the participants were not bothered by annoying ads to all audiences (why should they stop people from inventing projects?)

The official part of the event began at 7 pm, on Friday, when the ample lecture hall of the MFPA was almost completely filled with people with netbooks. Under the pleasant rhythms of psitrans, the participants began to discuss ideas with each other and on Twitter, not waiting for the opportunity presented by the organizers for the project presentation.

The hackay started with a speech by the dean of the Moscow Financial and Industrial Academy, who cheered the participants with a partial wish for good luck. A representative of Trend Club said a few words, wishing more innovation in projects. What else could people from the future wish for?
How innovative, and generally interesting projects turned out, let's look further in the review.

All Friday evening, participants presented ideas and formed teams. Vigorous process that did not stop with the end of the day, and continued online. Continued to on Saturday, the team began to develop.

On Saturday, participants were already doing their projects with might and main, listening to master classes, but someone else was just creating teams and coming up with an idea.

All were with their laptops and engaged in the development. Basically, these were web-development, so Wi-Fi was vital for everyone, which unfortunately periodically fell due to the imposition of IP addresses.

Teams of 3-5 people, very few girls, but they are (I saw!). Well, it became interesting to me and I asked the guys, having learned what they were doing. The MindCube CMS team was the first to get on hand (at first, only two guys were sitting, but then two girls joined). They even managed to come up with a logo and write a prototype of the site.

These same comrades are developing a system for sharing status between social networks, ICQ, Gtalk, and so on. Very good ideas, for example, to do AFK status if a person moves around a building or city. And also, on the basis of calculations about where a person goes every day, to predict the point where he moves and where he is.

Also, I was very interested in the project with the use of augmented reality. Namely - the transfer to the online game “Famous”, where the participant makes a piece of paper with the name of the character on his forehead and tries to find out from his comrades what is written there asking questions. Here everything is implemented exactly the same, only through webcams and a piece of paper is molded not on the forehead, but virtually on your image in the interface.

Of course, for those who did not participate in the development and only watched from the outside, the whole process looks somewhat strange and boring. Well, as it always happens when you enter a room with developers. Quiet conversations in every corner, rare giggles and indignations.

While someone was finishing the projects, some team members went to master classes. Although there were not so many people, but everyone listened with great interest, asked questions and participated in a debate with the speaker.

By the way, as for Twitter, there were as many as 2 projectors in the hall, showing online #Hackday search results .

Since one of the presentations was about programming under iOS, participants could get from the organizers of a MacBook or iPad to try to create the application themselves and test it.

As for the developments themselves, an amusing and interesting iPhone program was demonstrated - a distance meter. Turning the phone along the subject, a little man runs across the screen and measures the length of the ruler.

A device for immersion into virtual reality was presented. It consists of two parts. The frame that hangs on the monitor and reads data from a certain similarity of a helmet that is worn on your head. Thus, by moving your head, you can control the helicopter, car, etc. in the game.

Sunday was almost hotter than Saturday. Still, after all, everyone worked practically around the clock, just to be in time for the presentation of their creation.
But let's not pull, let's say just a few words about the winners.

Congratulations to the winners!

All projects presented on Hackday can be viewed here .

Hackday left mixed impressions. Yes, there were problems with the Internet, interfering with the work of participants. Yes, the presentation of the projects looked a bit boring, it seemed that many teams definitely needed another person - a PR man. Many strange ideas (if it can be written in the minus), from which any sane investor would fight back, making the sign of the cross. And at the same time there are a lot of commercially oriented (expectedly successful) and JustForFun projects.

Greetings to the people who have invented selfservice - a site that does not solve problems, but creates them. It was fresh and unusual :) The project is really done thoroughly and efficiently. But the guys themselves will tell us better in their post about the Generator of difficulties .

And when did you personally do something for fun? Perhaps the best projects still appear, a by-product of entertainment, an inadvertently made site in two days turns from an easy pleasant pastime with friends and beer into the main work.

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