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Lime-prime - service of remote web-interview of applicants for the position

Let me present to the public the draft Lime-prime.ru , on which our small but friendly team has been working for the last year.

The essence of the service is as follows:
- Formulate and enter questions for applicants.
- Enter their contact details in the database.
- Applicants answer questions in front of the webcam at a convenient time.
- At a convenient time for you, watch the video, share a link to it with colleagues, make a decision.

Well, we decided to arrange it here ...
For ordinary users, there is an opportunity to watch a video summary of three candidates for free.
But if during registration in the “phone” field you specify the cherished word “habr” (without quotes), then you can use the service without restrictions much more. And yet, with such a registration, ready-made IT questionnaires are available. At the moment, this is a package of questions focused on the selection of the following vacancies:
- JS-programmer
- PHP programmer
- SEO specialist

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104540/

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