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Hackers conducted a DDOS attack on MPAA and Aiplex Software servers


The headline doesn’t particularly attract attention, it’s true, but the news’s plot is quite interesting. The fact is that the hackers decided to take revenge on copyright holders from the American Film Association and their assistants, the Indian company Aiplex Software, for conducting DDoS attacks on websites with pirated video and other unlicensed content. We have heard about copyright holders who are “offended” by hackers for a long time - they are trying to fight with pirates by hook or by crook. It is worth noting that the case is more often wrong, that is, in general, illegal methods of work. For example, one of the ways to fight copyright holders with the sites of pirates is to conduct DDoS-attacks on servers, where objectionable sites are located. Aiplex Software helps them in this, it is an Indian company.

Its director once wrote in detail what kind of methods the company “fights” with unlicensed content on the Web. Employees of the company (mostly Indians, of course), scour the Internet, catching illegally posted content (I think there is no particular difficulty in finding such content). By the way, the Indians do not work at all for the idea, but at the specie, supplied by the same holders (who, according to them, have less and less money because of the pirates, i-yi-yi).
As soon as the content included in the “order” list is found, the same Indians write a warning letter to the site owners asking (better to say, demanding) to remove unlicensed content from the site, since all this violates the law. In principle, while everything is smooth, right? Much more interesting is the second stage, applied to those sites that do not remove the materials on request. Without warning, they start DDoS-it, and so that the site lays down for days, if not for weeks.

Do you think this is fiction, and a private company cannot work this way, especially at the request of the anti-pirates following the letter of the law? In any case, the director of the company, Girin Kumar, told about all this in an interview . He also said that about 30% of film companies from Bollywood cooperate with the company, plus there are substantial customers from Hollywood, including Fox STAR Studios, Star TV and 20th Century Fox.

But back to our avenging hackers. Without thinking twice, these guys decided to follow the “wedge knock out” principle, and brought down the MPAA.org sites, as well as the Aiplex Software website, through the very DDoS attack, which is not particularly powerful. The right holders site collapsed for 18 hours, and the Indian company’s site had to completely move to another IP, which, it seems, doesn’t reduce the risk of a repeated attack.

Maybe the right holders will still think next time, before working with similar methods? Although it is unlikely, rather Microsoft will make all its software free (and in fact it does the same).

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